Mawazo Challenge: Implementing a targeted innovation challenge in Tanzania

The Mawazo Challenge (Mawazo translates to ‘ideas’) was initiated to stimulate ideas, inspire new innovators, and increase support to potential entrepreneurs – such as funding and skills development – that could contribute to building a stronger innovation pipeline to help solve problems at the community level in Tanzania. Individuals, groups, and organisations were invited to submit ideas to generate community-driven solutions for everyday challenges.

The best ideas were shortlisted, and the public was invited to vote on the top three ideas through a social media campaign. The first prize went to Edgar Mwampinge for his idea to hold a student health innovation competition: this mechanism would specifically target university students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral) studying health or an allied science field across Tanzania to prototype and test their research. The competition generated 10 winning ideas in the healthcare sector. This report documents the lessons learned by HDIF during the process.

You can download the report on the Mawazo Challenge by clicking here