HDIF Success Stories

Children’s Edutainment As A Driver For Gender Social Change

“Young people need to follow their dream. They can make a difference.”Doreen Kessy Chief Operating Officer for Ubongo.


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Transforming Access To Education Through Innovation And Technology

“We are on the verge of a breakthrough in education in Tanzania. Our users are pioneers of a new frontier.” Iku Lazaro, Co-Founder of Shule Direct.

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Innovation For Women’s Economic Empowerment And Beyond

“So many appropriate technologies solve women’s problems and need women to take them up! Do not kill your passion, work on it. We are needed.”Ruth Elineema, Co-Founder of Gongali Model Company. Read more

Celebrating Women’s Participation In Innovation

“We want to create champions who will be responsible in nurturing other women towards the change and inclusion we are all looking for.” Maryam Mgonja, Hub Co-Manager, Buni Hub.

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Inspiring The Next Generation Of Female Coders

“We should think of computers and all tech media related tools as a platform to providing solutions to our surrounding communities?” Abella Bateyunga, Founder of She Codes for Change.

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Supporting Tanzania’s Women Healthcare Entrepreneurs

“My income is very high compared to my husband’s. I pay the children’s school fees, the rent, and more.” Agnes Nyasebo

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“This White Paper is our first formal publication of our initial insights and learning around this intersection and presents recommendations to funders and policymakers who, through their work, have an opportunity to shape the discourse around women and girls in Tanzania”. HDIF Team Leader, David McGinty