Auson Komwihangilo

Auson has comprehensive knowledge in grants and finance management, procurement and administration. Auson has accumulated specific experience in effective project management and operations, including planning, designing and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, budget and financial report reviews, contracts and negotiations. Auson has more than 7 years of experience working with different donor funded projects in different capacities. Auson holds a Masters of Business Administration in Corporate Management (MBA-CM) and Bachelor degree in Business Accounting and Finance (BAF).

Auson joined HDIF in January 2016 as a Grants Finance Manager, focusing on continual improvement in the grant management processes, ensuring at all times that the grant management function is operating efficiently and effectively. He is also serving as a Relationship Manager for a select few grantees who necessitate strong financial oversight due to the size or risk profile of the grant—including being the first point of contact for such grantees and managing relationships between grantees and HDIF.

  1. Believe it or not
    “I am a good teacher”
  1. Something that you’re passionate about
    “Applying my knowledge and skills to help others achieve their desired objectives”

Auson Komwihangilo
Grants Finance Manager