Johnpaul Barretto

Johnpaul graduated from California State University Fresno, with a Bachelors in Political Science and a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems. He went on to work for the Democratic Party of California, serving in the campaign offices of a State Senator and United States Congressman. In 2011 he moved back home to Tanzania and along with five other young Tanzanians cofounded the Kinu Innovation Space.

As Community Manager, Johnpaul has considerable experience coaching and mentoring startups within the East African context and wider afield. He is currently working on several projects at the nexus of the technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, including working with the World Bank in Open Data. He was selected by the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community as one of the Africa 50 that attended the Africa Forum in Kigali.

Johnpaul joins HDIF on a Social Innovation Fellowship, an award recognizing the past and potential contributions of the Fellow to the development of the Tanzanian innovation ecosystem. Johnpaul will coach and assist HDIF’s team in innovation activities and initiatives to actively support ecosystem actors and at the same time strengthen his professional capacity by engaging in high-level ecosystem building activities alongside the HDIF team.

  1. Believe it or not
    “I was born premature and as an infant had an insatiable appetite, much to my mother’s dismay, and my father’s delight giving me the middle name ‘Njaa’.”
  1. Something that you’re passionate about
    “I am passionate about open by default, cooking, and building communities of knowledge”

Johnpaul Barretto

Social Innovation Fellow