Innovation Week 2019

March 25 – 30, 2019, Dar es Salaam

About Innovation Week

Innovation Week 2019 is a week-long series of events in Dar es Salaam curated by the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF), COSTECH, SmartLab, DLab, BUNI, St Joseph’s University, and the Digital Opportunities Trust with support from UKAid. Event partners apply to host events and exhibitions which explore the theme Scaling and sustaining innovation for human development. Event partners are typically individuals and organizations from various sectors who volunteer to share insights on innovation in their field of expertise to audiences and collaborators from across sectors. The purpose of Innovation Week is to inspire the current and future leaders in Tanzania to take risks on new ideas, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation.

Theme: Scaling and sustaining innovation for human development

What do we mean by Innovation: HDIF uses the Doblin Ten Types Framework to define Innovation – we think about innovation in Tanzania as providing a new solution to an existing challenge in Tanzania (even if the solution has been applied in other countries before).

What do we mean by Scaling innovation: Taking a solution that is new to Tanzania and making it available to people on a large scale, pushing it out from early adopters/pilots for main stream use. In practise this means a solution is being designed with scale in mind, thinking how is can go beyond a pilot and be expanded new users, markets, regions or countries. This could include having it adopted and rolled out by government or made widely available by the private sector or local civil society.

What do we mean by Sustaining innovation: Taking a solution that is new to Tanzania and making it available to people in a way that is viable for long term implementation either by working with private sector and alternative sources of financing to scale it or working with government to dedicate budget and resources for the solution and it is included in national strategies, or the solution is paid for by those who are using it and there is a commercial plan to fund the solution beyond venture or angel funds, or there is a long-term commitment by local civil society to provide the solution. Read more about building solutions for sustainability.

Sub themes

Scaling and sustaining innovations in education

Exploring technologies in the context of Tanzania

Scaling and sustaining innovations in health

Innovation ecosystems

Scaling and sustaining innovations in WASH

Inclusive innovation in development

Why should you host an Event?

Innovation Week 2018 saw over 2000 attendees over the 6 days with 32 event partners hosting events, 65 media articles on Innovation Week, and over 1,5 Million people were reached through social media. This unique platform allows for space to network and discover connections you may never have thought possible. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll love attending, exhibiting and hosting at Innovation Week – 90% of participants want to come back. We receive a large volume of concepts every year so be innovative and creative.


Deadline: 31st January 2019

Why should you Exhibit your innovation?

Together with event partners, we curate exhibition space in various setups during Innovation Week to showcase to a more general audience. Some of the previous concepts have included VR (Virtual reality) immersion booths, arts performances, demonstrations of a technology.

Deadline: 31st January 2019

Innovation Week 2018 Hightlights