Round 3

The application period for Round 3 has now closed. HDIF is no longer accepting funding applications.

HDIF was accepting funding applications for pilot and scale-up projects between £500,000 and £1,000,000 (exceptions can be made for compelling applications for a grant not lower than GBP 200,000). In this round, HDIF seeks to fund organizations to implement innovative projects in any of the results areas in WASH and Early Childhood Development (ECD), as detailed under the following challenge statements.

1.)     Early Childhood Development (ECD)  2.)     Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
To improve opportunities for ECD for vulnerable children aged 0-6 that will improve children’s readiness and receptiveness to learning, and improve their general health and well-being. To increase demand, uptake and sustainability of improved sanitation facilities, hand washing with soap at critical times and menstrual hygiene management, through innovative financing mechanisms, technology, and behavior change promotion.

Timeframe: This call is open from June 19, 2017 and will close on September 8, 2017. All business plans and required supporting documentation should be received by 08 September 2017 at 05:00 PM East Africa time. Applicants are encouraged to submit their business plans as early as possible to avoid technical difficulties caused by a large number of last minute submissions.

Format: Only applications received through the official HDIF Online Application Portal will be accepted. The Business Plan template for familiarization may be downloaded here.  While the Online Application Portal allows applicants to save their progress and return to update the form, it is highly recommended that applicants use the Business Plan template to save their answers in the event of any technical difficulties. Applicants should verify that their application is complete prior to submission.

Queries: All questions should be sent to cfpqueries@hdif‐ The last date for submission of any questions for clarifications is August 31, 2017. Answers to all questions will be posted on a weekly basis on the HDIF website under the FAQs section for the benefit of all potential applicants.

Feedback: Applicants who are selected to move to the next stage will be informed during the last week of September, 2017 by email from applications@hdif‐ If this date is changed applicants will be informed accordingly by email.

The application process for Round 3 is now closed!

Below are a list of resources:

1) Application guidelines.

2) Round 3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document

3) Business Plan Template and Business Plan Template Annexes.
The Business Plan Template Annexes document includes several sheets:
a) Annex A1: Results Chain or Theory of Change
b) Annex A2: Project Logical Framework
c) Annex A3: Project Stakeholders’ map
d) Annex B: Project Workplan
e) Annex C2: Detailed Annual Project Budget

4) HDIF Online Application Portal

• Applicants must disclose any circumstances, including personal, financial and business activities that will, or might, give rise to a conflict of interest by applying for funding or if selected as a grantee.
• You may be contacted by HDIF to provide further information so please reconfirm that the contact email address entered on the form is correct. The contact email address entered on the form will be the email address used for all communication once your application has been processed.
• For any queries regarding your application please contact